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  • I want to know detail information about products.

  • Please visit our store after calling us at 02-779-2259 (Hilton store).

    Our friendly staff will be happy to help you. If it is difficult to visit us, leave inquiries on the online Customer Inquiry.

    We will reply to your inquiries.

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  • I live abroad. I’d like to know the whole procedure involved from making inquires about products t...

  • Please leave your inquiry on the online Customer Inquiry or call us. Our friendly staff will be happy to help. You can get the pictures and information of the product in which you are interested by email. When your purchase is confirmed, the product will be securely packaged and delivered through a reliable international shipping company.
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  • I bought your product to give a foreigner as a gift. How can I let him know the beauty and excellenc...

  • Naun Craft homepage provides an English version. Some of our products come with Korean-English brochures. You can also inform the foreigner of our English homepage for more detailed information. He will better understand the meaning of the heartfelt gift.

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  • My company would like to buy some products as gifts. Can you give me recommendations and information...

  • Please visit our store after calling us at 02-779-2259 (Hilton store) or leave your inquiry on the online Customer Inquiry. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you. We can give you suggestions according to the purpose of gifts and gift receivers’ taste.

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  • Do I have to register to make an online inquiry?

  • You don’t have to register. But, you should leave your contact information in order to get our quick reply. Your contact information will not be used for any purpose except to reply to your inquiry. To protect your privacy, our homepage provides a secret-writing function. To thank customers who make an online inquiry, we send exhibition catalogues and calendars at the end of the year.
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  • I want to get exhibition catalogues and calendars of Naun Craft.

  • Please call us or leave your address on Customer Inquiry. Then, we will send you exhibition catalogues, calendars, newsletter, etc. If your address has changed, let us know by phone or through Customer Inquiry.
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  • What is so special about Naun Craft products? Some company sells similar products at a lower price.

  • Naun Craft has been making great efforts to deal in only the best Najeonchilgi (Korean traditional  lacquerware  inlaid  with mother-of-pearl) for 35 years. Low-priced products may seem similar to our products in appearance; however, there is a huge difference in materials and handicraft. Najeonchilgi carries unseen artisans’ hard work and handicraft. The difference comes from the quality and shape of solid wood, the foundation of Najeonchilgi, the use of natural lacquer and the best mother-of-pearl, and careful lacquering. Therefore, well-made Najeonchilgi increases its value and shows its true qualities over time. We dare to say that all Naun Craft products are made by the best artisans, and we create the best work by adding modernistic sense on the foundation of tradition based on thorough historical research.

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  • I’d like to repair Najeonchilgi passed on from generation to generation. Can I get help?

  • Yes.

    If you make an inquiry by phone or on Customer Inquiry, our restoration expert will do his best to restore or repair your Najeonchilgi. We will always make effort to help our customers to preserve priceless traditional heritage.

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  • Is A/S available?

  • Yes, it is.

    We promise to provide A/S within two years of the date of purchase. However, if damage is caused by customers’ carelessness or wrong maintenance, we charge repair fees.

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  • I am trying to change interior. Can I get help?

  • Yes.

    Naun Craft has extensive know-how regarding Najeonchilgi, lacquered wood furniture, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, tea cups, and even modern table setting. We not only have been involved in hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) restoration business but also have helped famous movies, dramas, and individual customers with total interior through art consulting. Our consulting service helps our customers produce harmonious and sophisticated space crossing between tradition and contemporary styles. Please make an inquiry by phone and visit us.