Op-art business card case

Business card case I

Embroidery business card case

Arabesque-pattern business card case (specialty)

Business card case II

Orchid-pattern document box

Peony-pattern document box

Pine-crane document box

Document box

Quail document box

Arabesque-pattern letter case

Orchid-pattern letter case

Arabesque-pattern pen case

Carp pen case

Peony-pattern pen case

Pen plate

Pencil holder (various patterns)

Frame (various patterns)

Candle holder

Small-item case

Hand mirror (various patterns)

Dancheong-pattern teacup

Teacup saucer

Tea case

Apricot-flower bowl

Sparkling bowl for refreshments

Spoon-chopstick prop

Spoon-chopstick set (various patterns)

Chopsticks (various patterns)

Hemp-cloth mat

Boiled-rice container (various patterns)

Side-dish box

Lunch box

Multi-purpose box

Arabesque-pattern bowl

Lacquer-power bowl

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 1

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 2

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 3

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 4

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 5

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 6

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 7

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 8

Mother-of-pearl painting plate 9

Plate (various patterns)

Plate for snacks eaten with drinks

Hemp-cloth tray

Red lacquered tray

Bat-pattern tray

Toothpick case

Cutting board

Arabesque platter of five delicacies

Arabesque platter of four delicacies

Leaf-pattern container (various patterns)

Fragrance bowl

Cloud-crane pattern bowl

Chrysanthemum-pattern bowl

Peony mother-of-pearl painting 1

Peony mother-of-pearl painting 2

Peony mother-of-pearl painting 3

Peony mother-of-pearl painting 4

Mother-of-pearl painting

Wooden pillow

Lotus-flower wooden pillow

Lovebird_wild goose_duck


Flower-arabesque pattern jewel box

Jewel box

Barley-pattern jewel box

Lotus-flower jewel box

"Four Gracious Plants" twin box

"Flowers and Insects" twin box

Twin box with ten traditional symbols of longevity

Twin box with ten traditional symbols of longevity